Who We Are

Driven to Discover

For more than 125 years, the University of Chicago has forged its own path. This has led to new schools of thought and a transformative education for students, and laid the groundwork for breakthroughs across the sciences, medicine, economics, law, business, history, culture, the arts, and humanistic inquiry.

We shape and define fields

University of Chicago scholars are driven by intellectual debate and a search for new evidence.

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We believe freedom of expression is fundamental

Free and open discourse is the foundation of a transformative education and world-changing research.

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We tackle the world’s most pressing issues

Through research, discovery, and community partnerships, UChicago scholars and students are tackling complex problems—from solving crime at scale to combating climate change.

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Our Shared Values

UChicago Grads
Diverse And Inclusive
We believe in working to create an environment in which people of different backgrounds feel valued, and where their ideas and contribution can flourish.
Agnes Callard
Open and Challenging
Scholars and students are propelled to do their best work in an environment of intellectual freedom and debate.
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We are dedicated to using our research and resources to enhance life for our Hyde Park neighbors and the city of Chicago.

Innovation is Our Past & Future

Fueling discovery
We are a distinct community, one of ideas and inquiry, which looks across fields for new insights and lines of questioning. Learn More >

Stone Shield
Our history
Discover the University’s distinct heritage and time-honored traditions. Learn More >

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