Since its foundation, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam has stood for scientific and value-driven education, research and knowledge transfer. We are free thinkers with expertise and A Broader Mind. And we work together to build a better world for people and the planet.

University with a focus on society

The world is facing major challenges, while there are growing divisions within society. This calls for science with a conscience. With our expertise, open mindedness, enterprising spirit and multidisciplinary approach, we work on developing sustainable solutions that impact society. We focus on four profile themesConnected WorldGovernance for SocietyHuman Health and Life Sciences, and Science for Sustainability.

Unique and multidisciplinary university

VU Amsterdam is a unique university with faculties in the humanities, STEM, social sciences and medical sciences. Our education and research are closely linked. We combine our top position in research with a strong social orientation, which has resulted in an excellent international reputation. Our education and research are distinctly multidisciplinary. This is reinforced by the fact that our faculties are all located on one campus. We are a true campus university in the heart of the Zuidas Knowledge District, sharing its excellent national and international position and accessibility.

Our Focus

Connected world
How do we make more meaningful connections in a world where not everyone benefits from digitalisation and globalisation?
Governance for Society
How can we contribute to the resilience of democratic governance in organisations and societies?
Human Health and Life Sciences
How can we promote health and wellbeing, taking into account the whole person in his or her social environment?
Science for Sustainability
How can we create an ecologically healthy, socially just and economically viable world for current and future generations?
How can we embrace differences in a way that leads to greater equity, creativity and talent development.
How can we act more sustainably when it comes to the environment, people, the economy, and culture?
How can we take advantage of opportunities, take risks and experiment in a way that creates added value for society?

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