Universitas Indonesia is a modern, comprehensive, open, multi-cultural, and humanist campus covering a broad discipline.

UI is currently simultaneously trying to become one of the leading research universities or academic institutions in the world. As a research university, the highest achievement efforts in terms of discovery, development and diffusion of knowledge regionally and globally are always carried out.


The forerunner of UI began in 1849 and UI is a representation of the educational institution with the oldest history in Asia. Having generated more than 400,000 alumni, UI continuously continues its important role at the national and world level. However, UI cannot escape its latest mission of being a high-quality educational institution, researching world standards and maintaining prestige standards in a number of international journals.


“Become a superior and competitive center of science, technology, and culture, through efforts to educate the life of the nation to improve the welfare of the community, thus contributing to the development of Indonesian society and the world”.


  1. Provide broad and equitable access, as well as quality education and teaching.
  2. Organizing Tridharma activities that are quality and relevant to national and global challenges.
  3. Create graduates who are highly intellectual, virtuous and able to compete globally.
  4. Creating an academic climate that is able to support the realization of UI’s vision.

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