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CentraleSupélec is a public institution under ministerial charter, devoted to the sciences and engineering. This charter is shared between the Ministry of Higher Education,  Research and Innovation, and the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Digital Technologies.

CentraleSupélec was officially established on January 1st, 2015, bringing together two leading engineering schools in France; Ecole Centrale Paris and Supélec. The co-operation between our two grandes écoles, as they are known in the French system, had progressively been gaining momentum since 2009, with sustained alliance in three core areas: engineering education, executive education and research.

Since 1969, our schools have shared the same admissions process; by way of competitive entrance examinations. The similarities in our respective student populations naturally led to a certain harmony in terms of our approach to innovation, entrepreneurship, internationalisation and leadership development. Our journey towards becoming CentraleSupélec, has allowed us to consolidate our research to cover all of the engineering and systems sciences.

Today we boast multiple campuses across the country; in the Paris region, Metz and Rennes. We have 4200 students and 370 faculty members and researchers, all of whom interact with our global network: three international campuses (China, India and Morocco) and five associated laboratories (Brazil, Canada, The United States and China). We also have successful partnerships with 176 international universities and 140 corporate institutions. Our academic and research excellence is nestled in our firm and fruitful cooperations with large national institutions such as the CNRS, CEA, INRIA, ISERM and ONERA.

We are:

  • ranked among the best universities in the world; 177th by QS;
  • ranked 28th by QS and 35th by THE in terms of employability.

The CentraleSupélec alumni network is 35 000 graduates strong, across a range of sectors in five continents.

CentraleSupélec is also a founding member of Université Paris-Saclay, the T.I.M.E Network and the Alliance 4Tech, in addition to being strategic partner to ESSEC Business School and holding the presidency of the Groupe École Centrale.

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A school for the future

Our world is experiencing unprecedented change, specifically through digital revolutions, and massive data. These transformations to society are not only real but bring with them immense challenges that our engineers of the future will need to steer.

We need engineers who can handle problems within increasingly complex systems, we need engineers who can think scientifically, and finally we need engineers who are truly innovative. Our vision at CentraleSupélec for our graduates is for them to be able to bring together diverse fields of expertise, to generate new solutions, to initiate and invoke change. Our mission is for our graduates to enter professional life with a strong focus on ethics, responsibility and citizenry, as well as with committed dialogue and actions on socio-environmental concerns.

We are the school of this changing world, we have been since 1829. We have, at every stage in our history, adjusted and adapted our curriculum and research to fit the times, to change with the times and most of all, our engineers have defined their times and will continue to do so in the future.

We shape the future by:

  • training multidisciplinary engineer-entrepreneurs and experts in complex systems
  • developing innovative research responses to major technological, economic, social and environmental challenges
  • enabling practicing professionals to acquire the skills they need to adapt to change and make their businesses more competitive

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