PSL Quick Facts

17000 students
17,000 Students, 2/3 of whom enrolled in a master’s/PhD program 
2,900 researchers
2, 900 Researchers 
140 laboratories
140 Laboratories
graduate programs
18 Graduate programs 
10 Fields Medals
Over 200 ERC grants won
68000 Online journals
10 Labex, 8 Equipex, 2 EUR, 1 Convergences Institute, 5 Carnot, 1 3IA Prairie Program 
22% International students
20% Internation
13 Strategic international partnerships
Several hundred partnerships, among which UCL, ANU, Columbia, Chicago, PKU… 
classements internationaux
Top French university (THE rankings 2019 and 2020) 
137 Startups created
50 Startups created every year
384 Patents
70 Patents obtained every year
2500 Industrial partners
3,000 Industrial partners
28 prix nobel
28 Nobel Prizes 
70 Librairies and Museums
More than 70 Librairies and Museums 
75 Molière Awards
79 Molière Awards and 50 César awards

Excellence and Equal Opportunity

PSL is a public university that promotes a diverse student body, welcoming students without regard to their socioeconomic background, gender or geographical origin. The university is committed to hosting, educating and supporting students and researchers in a spirit of equity and open-mindedness at every stage of their academic path, both before, during and after their time at PSL.

Supporting access to premium education

With rich diversity in individual backgrounds, the collective reaps a wealth of cross-pollinating ideas and approaches, rich in exchange and sources of inspiration. PSL is committed to offering equal access to premium education regardless of individual backgrounds, financial resources, and geographical location. This is our focus as we strive to marshal all of the necessary means for providing equal access to our schools and to support the advancement of a diverse pool of talent throughout full paths of education and research.

We implement this commitment through initiatives to inform future students of our education programs, provide the keys to achieving our demanding requirements, and support future applicants as they prepare for entry into our education programs. Likewise, we forge partnerships with schools and put extensive thought into creating the best possible conditions for future students to join PSL.

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