A Progressive University Of Traditions

Waseda’s culture and traditions have evolved over time since 1882, but its founding principles remain firm. The Waseda spirit lives in the hearts of over 600,000 alumni. Here, we present the changing and unchanged about the University.


On Waseda University’s 30th anniversary in October 1913, President Shigenobu Okuma proclaimed its newly adopted Mission Statement.

As the fundamental statement of its educational policy, the mission was drafted by Sanae Takata, Shoyo Tsubouchi, Kenkichi Ichijima, Kazutami Ukita, Yasukuni Matsudaira and their colleagues, and approved by Okuma before its presentation at the anniversary celebration.

In 1937 a monument inscribed with the mission statement, in calligraphy by Hisoka Maejima, was installed near the main gate.

Waseda University holds as its founding principles the preservation of the independence of scholarship, the promotion of the practical application of scholarship, and the fostering of good citizens.

Holding the independence of scholarship as a central principle, Waseda University pledges to contribute to the scholarship of the world by regarding freedom of research as essential and devoting itself constantly to original research.

Holding the practical application of scholarship as a central principle, Waseda University pledges to contribute to the progress of the times by establishing a path for the practical use of scholarship as well as pursuing theoretical research for its own sake.

Holding the fostering of good citizens as a central principle, Waseda University pledges to cultivate people of character who can respect individuality, develop themselves and their families, benefit the nation and society, and be active in the world at large.

Waseda Vision 150

Waseda Vision 150 is a strategic plan formulated in 2012 to establish Waseda University as a leading global university by its 150th anniversary in 2032.

Vision 1. Students of the Highest Caliber and Character Who Show Promise in Being Able to Contribute to the World

Students come to Waseda from all around the world to experience intellectual and cultural stimulation through interactions with their classmates and faculty members. In doing so, they acquire a wide range of knowledge and become highly specialized, thereby preparing them to go out into the world with high aspirations to make significant contributions.

Vision 2. Research That Will Ultimately Contribute to Real World Peace and Happiness in Human Society

Waseda’s research activities are aimed at expanding and organizing the knowledge and wisdom of human society and contributing to the resolution of various global issues, such as environmental challenges, poverty, disasters, and conflicts. Furthermore, we aim to identify the following challenges that we face in achieving global sustainable development while maintaining intercultural coexistence, thereby contributing to world peace and human happiness.

Vision 3. Graduates Who Will Contribute to the Public Good as Global Leaders

Waseda graduates (alumni) will take enjoyment from working strenuously throughout Japan and in other countries around the world as leaders with a global perspective who are active in a variety of fields, such as politics, economics, academia, culture, sports, and community initiatives.
We encourage our alumni to come back and learn at Waseda periodically to build robust collaboration networks with other alumni and with their communities.

Vision 4. A University That Earns the Trust of the World and Constantly Upholds the Spirit of Reform to Continuously Evolve

To make Waseda’s management a model for other Japanese and Asian universities, we will establish a firm fiscal foundation, disclose information, establish accountability, and strengthen our governance in the spirit of constant reform, thereby becoming a university that is trusted around the world.

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